Welcome to WildInBritain.com.

This site acts as a kind of photo-journal of my wildlife encounters in Britain. I originally started it with the intention of posting virtually all species I photographed, but that idea was abandoned as quickly as visitors to the site would have abandoned visiting! Instead I will post some of the more notable encounters - those that feature interesting behaviour, unusual sightings, or simply produced reasonable pictures.

I'm a wildlife and landscape photographer, based in the Forest of Dean. The Forest of Dean itself is renowned for its wildlife, and much of this is documented in my local blog - forestofdeanblog.com. However, the subject matter of this site doesn't concern itself with local boundaries, and focusses on all species wherever they may be in Britain. There are no captive or tame subjects - all species are completely wild.

I like to try not to discriminate with regard to the species I try to see. Certainly some are more photogenic than others, and many are easier to see than others, but all species are important to me, and all hold interest for me. Naturally there are certain species that I'm more passionate about than others.

More of my work can be seen by following some of these links, or by visiting my personal page at benlocke.co.uk.

All photographs on this site are the sole copyright of Ben Locke. To purchase prints, or for licensing enquiries, please get in touch or visit benlockephotography.co.uk.

Many thanks for visiting.