Sunday, June 21, 2015

List update

The last week or so has provided me with a number of new species to add to the list, taking the British total of species I've photographed to 567. Recently I've been leaving the lights on outside the house to watch the Foxes and Badgers that are now visiting daily, and this has attracted some new moths, such as the Pretty Chalk Carpet, and last night, the huge Fox Moth. Immediately after finding the Fox Moth, it landed, posed for photographs, then promptly started to lay eggs. A trip to Norfolk produced a few long overdue species, some of which I'd seen before but never photographed, and others that were new to me. Most notable was probably the Swallowtail butterfly, of which I saw two feeding amonth the Ragged Robin at Strumpshaw Fen. The Scarce Chaser was another addition from the same trip, along with the increasingly common, but until last week, un-photographed Tree Bumblebee. Pictures of most of these will be added to the blog sooner or later - it's very rare for me to post my photos chronologically or promptly!


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