Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Large Blue

Yesterday I went in search of the Large Blue. I first photographed the Large Blue this time last year. A return to the same site this year took a lot more effort to find any at all, but eventually 2 or 3 were seen, all very active either nectaring or laying. Photo opportunities were limited, especially when there was thyme between the butterfly and me, as potentially treading on the valuable eggs is a sacrifice not worth making for a photograph. It's early days still, and I'm sure more will emerge in the coming week, so a re-visit will have to be made. The species became extinct in the UK, and now exists again here thanks to a very successful reintroduction. The Large Blue caterpillar hatches on thyme buds and then tricks the ants into believing it is one of their own grubs. Ants then carry it underground to their nest where it feeds on the ant grubs for 10 months before pupating and emerging as a butterfly.


  1. I suspect that your patience will be rewarded; as you say, Creatures welfare first, everytime :) Still beautifully caught.