Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pearl-bordered Fritillary

It took a short trip to Cirencester to see the Pearl-bordered Fritillary a week ago. They are not present at home in the Forest of Dean, although we do have the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary here, which I hope to catch up with again soon. It took quite a bit of walking to find a colony of Pearl-bordered Fritillary, but once found, there were lots to be seen. I believe they will travel from one colony to another, but it wasn't necessary to follow any of them as there were plenty to be seen amongst the clearing and the newly planted saplings. This woodland butterfly gets its name from the series of "pearls" that run along the outside edge of the underside of the hindwing. Males are often seen flying swiftly, low across the breeding site in search of a mate and are extremely difficult to follow, the colouring of the wings providing excellent camouflage against the dead bracken that is often found at these sites.


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