Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hummingbird Hawk-moth

This Hummingbird Hawk-moth was one of many seen (at least 30) on Portland on Monday. Virtually every patch of flowers had at least one of these nectaring around them. The Hummingbird Hawk-moth is a small, day-flying hawk-moth. Hummingbird Hawk-moths are summer visitors, migrating here from Southern Europe in variable numbers each year. In some years, they can be common and may frequently be seen in gardens hovering like hummingbirds to feed on the nectar of Honeysuckle, Red Valerian and many other flowers. They can also be found in woodland edge, heath and shrubby habitats. The caterpillar feeds on various species of bedstraw, so the female adult moth lays her eggs on the buds or flowers of these plants.


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