Monday, June 30, 2014

Purple Emperor

Not one of my better photos, but it's a Purple Emperor, so I can't be too picky. It was fairly high up a tree in Wiltshire. The following words have been lifted from
The Purple Emperor is neither the rarest, nor the largest of Britain’s resident butterflies. So how has this elusive insect managed to maintain such a hold on the imagination of generations of the UK’s amateur and not-so-amateur lepidopterists? His elusive nature is, perhaps, part of the appeal. This is not an insect you will stumble upon, unless you are blessed with extraordinary luck. He must be sought out, in suitable country, and even there the untrained eye may totally fail to spot him unless he knows how to look. And yet, this is not another humble brown retiring beast, easily confused with many similar dingy species, but a soaring rush of colour and spectacle – a flash of black, purple and white that sets the heart beating faster. He flies higher than most, and maintains a lofty perch during the middle of the day, as befits his regal reputation – so if you would wish to add his photograph to your collection, you must either content yourself with perhaps a pair of antennae protruding over the edge of a distant leaf.


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