Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Red-flanked Bluetail

More photos below text... The Red-flanked Bluetail is an exceptionally rare bird to see in Britain. With only 34 total records at the BTO, this small bird is seen on average once a year, but even more unusual is the fact that this one was seen in February - the first time this bird has ever been seen wintering in Britain.
If you don't catch a glimpse of the tail, or fail to notice that the red doesn't extend across the breast, then it would be easy to dismiss this bird as a Robin, but when viewed from the front, or particularly the back, it's obvious this is a special bird. Normally wintering in south-east Asia, and breeding in Russia, it's a long way from home, but seemed to be active and doing well in the surroundings of a valley in South Gloucestershire, where it was discovered yesterday. I wonder how long it has been there unnoticed...


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